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Want Workout programs, nutrition programs, direct coaching, results tracking? Fat-Loss, Performance and Strength/Physique programs? We have the best value online training system in the world!

STCfit is a company founded on a dream of educating people. We have seen over and over again great people with great intensions being let down by the new fad diet, the new pill, that old myth or training gimmick only to end up worse off than where they started! We have structured our systems to allow for someone who has trained for years or the absolute beginner who’s never seen sweat before to achieve results.

We’ve put together systems that will GUARANTEE consistent improvement and results. Removing all the common mistakes we see every day. We avoid the yo-yo results due to programs that are impossible to maintain, the best results you’ve ever seen are achievable in around 3 hours a week; yep less than 2% of your entire week dedicated to your training and you will achieve your dream body or performance level.

We combine efficient resistance training, short high intensity cardio and mindset coaching to make you an unstoppable results machine. Whether at home or in the gym, if the goal is fat loss, muscle gain or athletic performance or all of the above we have a system that will suit everybody! We’ll teach the science along the way so you can apply these practises to be in great shape for the rest of your life. We’ll tell why excessive cardio will not help you lose weight, that training 6 days a week may not improve your performance and that lifting less weight will help you gain more muscle. We’ll teach how to eat, what to eat, when to eat, why to eat!

We want to change the world, and most importantly help you change your life. 

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“My goal is to reach as many people with a message of sustainable training and eating that provides great health, along with amazing physical and emotional results”


“I believe resistance training is the most important part of any program, whether the end goal is fat loss or muscle gain, or just great health, resistance training is the key to success. “


“I’ve grown tired of the misinformation out there. I want to show people how no matter what their personal situation, they can achieve success in their health, fitness and physique goals with out going to crazy extremes.”


“Everyone deserves the chance to live a long, healthy, strong life. With the right approach to training and nutrition, no matter your lifestyle, you can achieve it.”