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Working within the fitness industry was always a passion of mine. Coming from an elite swimming background I grew accustomed to training from a very young age. As time went by, I decided swimming wasn't for me anymore and i began training to better my physique. It was here that my love for body building developed. I set the goal of one day competing up on stage, I was able to achieve this goal late in 2014 and all the time and effort was well worth it. I placed first in Victoria for my class. Whilst achieving my own goals felt great, nothing is more rewarding than being the catalyst for someone else to strive for improvement. I take pride in my clients results and these results are a direct correlation of all of their hard work, being there to witness it is great! I have enjoyed every moment within the fitness industry and I am constantly growing mentally and physically. Educating myself takes up most of my spare time, yet I also enjoy spending time with family/friends and going for a surf as often as I can.

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