Meet The Trainers

BEN SCOTT: The Educator
Head Fat Loss, Health and Performance Coach
As founder of STCfit, Ben’s goal in life is to re-educate people on how to eat and train sustainably for life. He hopes this education will pass on to family and friends creating a shift in the dieting culture.
Ben’s strength as a coach is being able to teach people how to make things work for them, explaining both the science and the real world application of a range different training and nutrition practices. 

JASON GALEA: The Scientist
Head Physique Coach
With a degree in Exercise Science, Jason has never stopped learning about the human body. His in-depth understanding of its functions, inside and out, allows him to get the best out of people’s genetics. Although he has coached athletes to the body building stage and competed successfully himself, he’s no one trick pony, and has a fantastic record in training people in all areas including fat loss and performance.
Jason’s greatest strength as a coach is his delivery of information, he can explain the most complex things very simply allowing you to learn and apply it to your training and nutrition.

Physique and Fat Loss/Health Specialist
A young trainer mentored by our head coaches, Rhys has hit the ground running in his career. His clients have taken home 1st place in their categories in the Goodlife 12 Week Challenge for 3 challenges running.
Personally Rhys has won the INBA Victoria Mr Beach Body contest and has been part of fitness model shoots for the likes of Calvin Klein.
Rhys’s strength as a coach is being able to tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. The way he delivers this message in an inspiring way gets amazing results from his clients.

Fat Loss/Health, Performance and Functional Movement Specialist
Michael came into the game later then our other coaches. With close mentoring over 4 years he’s established himself as a high quality trainer. His “if I don’t know, I’ll find out” attitude has brought him up to be an extremely diligent trainer. Michael’s greatest strength as a coach is his patience. This makes him perfect for those with restrictions whether it be time, previous injuries or other health problems. Michael will work to achieve a solution whereby you can still achieve great results. 

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