Online Personal Training

Want to work with one of our coaches? Our online personal training solution is here!

As a special for subscribers, Just mention Fat Loss Coaching, and you’ll receive the following a FREE 30 minute phone call from your coach ($50 value)




Upon log in to STCfit, you’ll receive a message explaining in detail how to get yourself primed for results. A step by step checklist to get yourself ready including viewing your training program, selecting and personalizing your training, meeting your trainer and entering your measurements and photos.


Your dashboard displays your progress in terms of body fat % based on the measurements you’ve entered. Also on display is the % completed of your current training phase.

Selecting a Food Plan

We have 3 food plans to choose from. All are designed to be customized specifically to you and your goals. Once you’ve downloaded your preferred meal plan, you’ll work with your trainer to set up a routine that’s going to work for you. We believe in continuous small changes that work in with ones lifestyle, this ensures you won’t be overwhelmed and increases your ability to follow the plan and get results.

Nutrition Entry

Once you’ve establish you food plan and set your daily targets, you be able to enter your data for your trainer to review. Work with your trainer to decide on a realistic frequency of recording, maybe daily, maybe weekly, it will depend on the person and the goal.


The training section contains an intro video describing that phase. There’ll be tips and tricks from our senior trainers, as well as extra things to consider during the phase. You can also view all your workout videos, and see which sessions you’ve completed here.


When you have entered a session (workout), you’ll again be able to watch that workout video, this will be one of our experienced coaches coaching you through exactly how to execute each movement, what the common mistakes are, and even what to be thinking while you perform each exercise. We’ll explain, tempo, reps, rest periods and more in these videos. If you need to substitute any of the movements, you can message your trainer for an alternative.


If you click on the red ? beside an exercise, a smaller box will open as shown. This contains a description of the exercise, 3 modifiers, and the benifits of the movements. There are also 4 pictures of the exercise, and a short video. This is ideal for a quick refresher of the exercise and saves you from watching the full workout video again.


The messaging system is your means of contact to your trainer. Trainers will respond within one business day to messages. In here we can help with nutrition, training, sleep, supplementation, motivations, results interpretation, accountability, support and anything else you might need help with along the way. You’ll never be alone.


The results section shows a graph of your girth measurement progress. When you highlight a date, your girth measurements from the beginning to that date will be displayed along with your body fat %. A great way to see how your tracking. Your trainer can interpret these results and make changes to your training or nutrition if results aren’t where you’d like them to be.


At STCfit we believe in body composition, (%’s of muscle and fats), so recording just your weight would be near on irrelevant to whats really going on. We take a full range of measurements, we use a calculator to determine your body fat % from there. This calculation is not necessarily accurate when compared to a dexa, however it is consistent. Eg if your shoulders go up 2 cms, and you lose 2cm off your waist, your weight may be similar and your girth measurements the same. This would however decrease your body fat %. We take the guess work out by explaining exactly how to measure yourself and where.

Fat Loss Program

Our Fat Loss Training Program. Our fat loss membership is a 3+ day per week program focusing on all aspects of health and FAT LOSS. We teach you what will work best for YOUR body. We do this by allocating you your very own personal trainer to customise your training and nutrition. Our goal is to educate you on how to achieve your ultimate health and body composition, while achieving amazing results. This means teaching you training, eating and thinking habits that can stay with you forever. Keeping you fit and healthy for life.

Strength and Physique

Our Strength & Physique Training Program. This is a 4-6 day per week program focusing on all aspects of strength and physique protocols. Including but not limited to; strength, tension, lactic acid, density, volume and frequency, as well as body part specific training. With you can expect to see some great gains in strength and body composition within a few months.

Performance Training

Our Sports/Recreational Performance Training Program. This is a 3 – 4+ day per week program focusing on all aspects of performance. Including but not limited to; strength, power, speed, agility, mobility, vertical leap and body composition. You can expect to see improvements in all of those areas and more after a few months with

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